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Strategic Life Coaching

For Women

Athletes have a Coach

Athletes have a Coach to improve their motivation, technique & strategy to achieve the desired result. Life Coaches are similar.

Life Coaching is an intentional process of discovering and uniting the inside with the outside of you, surmounting the past, present, and future difficulties, to get to a place of living free and light.



There will be tools and work, intentional assignments that cause you to dig deeper, not the surface ones that have allowed you to get by.

Spiritual formation increases the essence of you, the recovery of voice, and assurance of God’s plan for your life.

We have all experienced pain that causes blind spots, poverty of spirit, and devastation of the soul. We have real stories that matter, hold weight, and can keep us stuck. 

We Do It Together

Together we’ll learn how to hold these experiences in a new way, with greater awareness, to unstick the glue from our hearts, and to move into a redemptive life with meaning and purpose.

It’s the journey of becoming the best version of you possible. The culmination of all body, breath, awareness, heart, mind, and soul in harmony, the beautiful you God designed.

Deeper Connection To God

Most of us want a deeper connection with God, ourself, as well as within our relationships. We want to become healthier in body, mind, and spirit, but we’re not sure where to start.

We want the margin to do the things that matter in our day to day life but overwhelm, and resistance sets in and causes paralysis.

Life Of Joy

As a fellow pilgrim, I will help you gain insight that will change your perspective and take action toward a life of joy. Yes, change can be uncomfortable and scary, but please repeat after me, change is good! It’s always an opportunity to re-center!

Change requires the desire for a different outcome, intentional effort, and a courageous willingness to sit in the tension to make it happen.

Step Out In Faith

Do you have a support system and a plan to sustain this undertaking? 

It’s my privilege to partner with you and encourage you to experience breakthrough and transformation in your story. Let’s do this together through a God-love, and self-love program. We’ll step out in faith, close the gap, and get you to where you want to go, to the abundant life God had in mind for you all along.

Don’t stay the same, be better!

Life Coaching Session:

  • Coaching~1st 30 minutes free.
  • If it’s a fit, $65/hr or $165/3 sessions.
  • Certified Marriage Coach, Life Coach, Life Purpose
  • Certified Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma


This inspirational book integrates a Christ-centered philosophy into our yoga practice and into our daily life to become physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

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