Christ in Yoga & You: The Way to Confidence Strength & Freedom



This inspirational book integrates a Christ-centered philosophy into our yoga practice and into our daily life to become physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.
Our past stories and present way of life impacts our overall health as well as our relationships.
Tension stores in our body and causes dis-ease until it’s released.
Negative thoughts keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward.
We long for a life of meaning but remain disconnected from our spirit.
It’s time to create space for change, space for self-care, and soul-care.
Together we can overcome the obstacles that keep us from walking in God’s fullness and joy.
This transforming work is an intentional process, a pathway to reconnect to the power that is greater than ourselves, the Creator of all things.
When put into action, it’s a new methodology that will position us for freedom.
Every chapter aims to give you the tools to practice on the mat with physical postures, matching themes, and scripture, which translates off the mat in our daily interactions.
This results-oriented system includes Coaching questions, support, and encouragement.
Take the time for reflection and response; it will remove the clutter.
This 160-page book has over 100 full-color photos, including complete workout transitions.
Let’s train together, move and breathe, meditate on God’s Word, and rest in His unconditional love so that we reclaim and realign with the life He designed for us since the beginning of time. Only then can we love and serve with ease over the exhaustion.