Reviews & Testimonials

Denise Stemple is a strong female leader who leads with humility. People gravitate to her because she has a gentle and kind spirit. You want to sit with her, listen to her wisdom. And then, when you find out her wisdom comes from years of being in the word of God, you want to do that too!

In my opinion, Denise is the top Christian yoga teacher in the Denver area. She creates well sequences and well-structured classes that protect her students, allows them to grow and become stronger, and ultimately create space to grow closer to God. 

If you get the chance to be in the same room as Denise, it is a blessing. ūüôā She demonstrates how to pour out love to others. She is so quick to listen and so slow to speak – a trait that is hard to find these days. I look up to Denise. I feel very blessed to know Denise. If you haven’t met her yet – you should.¬†~

Love you, Abigail

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Peace, Strength, Resolve to have a better day. Those are the rewards I take with me when I attend a Space for Change Yoga Class, instructed by Denise. She is my favorite Yoga instructor by far, as well as an exceptional resource for life management. XO, Cherri

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I searched high and low for a Christian Yoga class for the women at our church about 7 years ago. Being that some yoga practices can be a bit awkward for some of us in a spiritual sense, I was hit with a lot of opposition from the leadership. 

It was like an angel was dropped at my doorstep. Meeting Denise and learning Christ-centered yoga from her has been such a life-changer. She not only teaches an amazing yoga class but cares about each one of us personally, she is now a dear friend. And…the leadership of the church approved of her and her practice!!!

I have taken many yoga classes, and I can truly say that this yoga practice is my all-time favorite and most comfortable. Denise takes the time to make sure that her students are in the correct alignment during yoga, therefore, fewer injuries and better strength practice. She is a treasure! I hope others will join us at our practice with Denise, you will be pleasantly surprised. ~Susie

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Denise has played an integral role in the spiritual and emotional growth in my life. She has stood by me through laughter and many, many tears while gracefully and practically leading me to Biblical teaching. Don’t let her sweet, soothing yoga instructor voice fool you: she will fight fiercely for the people she believes in, all while holding those same people accountable to goals that they have set and also to Christ-centered living. Denise is generous, genuine, and has enriched my life more than I can write in this short paragraph. This woman whole-heartedly follows Jesus Christ and continuously prays for the Holy Spirit to lead through her yoga practice, words, actions, and life.¬†~Alyssa

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¬†Denise has such a sweet spirit and is beautiful inside and out. She loves the Lord, and it’s inspiring to see Him shine through her and what she loves to do. I love Holy Yoga with her as my instructor. ¬†

I am someone who hasn’t done yoga much, but she makes it very comfortable, relaxing, and fun.¬†~ Brandi

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Denise, you have an amazing gift of always making a special and personal connection with every woman that comes to your class! You love what you do, and that comes across in your light, love, and passion for Christ and women and yoga! I love your classes because it is an intentional time that I take to hit the pause button on life and focus on worshipping Christ with my body while being surrounded by a room full of amazing sisters in Christ! ~ Love you always, Sara 

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If you want to experience a mindful, intentional, and aligned practice…this is the place for you.  

If you want to grow and be challenged in your thought life, …this is the place for you.

If you want to feel the love of Jesus wash over you as you worship Him through practice, …this is the place for you.

Each and every week, I look forward to stretching my body, mind, and spirit in Denise’s class. Come give it a try‚Ķyou won’t be disappointed.

 Thank you, Denise, for consistently creating a sweet and welcoming environment for all your students. You are an inspiration! 

Lots of love, Lorie

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When Denise enters the room, a sense of calm always comes with her. Every time she speaks, I anticipate wisdom and life are about to be spoken. Her love of Jesus and others opens the door for freedom to move our bodies and quiet our minds in worship of Him. Anyone who sits under Denise’s teaching or coaching will be blessed by the experience and leave better for having been a part of it.¬†~Niki¬†

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¬†The relationships that I had developed with so many women were not a standard by-product of traditional yoga classes. The fact that these same women had been praying for each other for 5 years was not to be taken lightly. We had all gone through so much together and I am not just talking about finally being able to hold the “dancer” or “half moon” balancing poses after so much practice and patience. Although these were major achievements that we did celebrate with shouts of joy! The support, both spiritual and physical, cannot be measured or seen by traditional means. It just has to be experienced.

Being able to worship God and practice yoga at the same time has been life-changing for me. Hearing scripture being spoken and listening to worship music is indeed…Heavenly. Being challenged to step beyond my spiritual as well as physical comfort zone has been so rewarding. I am not sure I will ever be completely happy without it as a part of my life. The women I share this practice with are just the icing on the cake.

Denise Stemple has been a mentor, spiritual guide, instructor, coach, prayer warrior, cheerleader, and friend. She has challenged us to be warriors of yoga and warriors for Christ. ~Becki

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Four years ago, I was training for an intense, 11 mile, obstacle course event. I felt I needed muscle tone and core strengthening. At the same time, I was praying that God would open the doors to a women’s small group that I could attend. By “chance” I opened the online church calendar and saw that Christ-centered yoga was offered weekly at our church. God opened the door for me to not only experience yoga conditioning, but He knew it would also provide the Christian fellowship and biblical challenge I was seeking, not to mention the emotional support that I would need in the coming months, as my world would begin crumbling.

Denise Stemple is a beautiful soul with love and compassion for others, whose coaching focus is to ultimately glorify God. God brought Denise into my life at the perfect moment. She has walked beside me during times of difficulty and joy, sharing her wisdom and challenging me as an individual.  

The relationships I’ve built over the years with my yoga sisters is precious; it is safe. I thank God for my friend Denise, my instructor, my coach, my sister in Christ. ~Vicky